3 Day Tours

Crişan - Letea - Cardon - Sulina

Day 1: Crişan - Sulina Channel (8 mile) - Dunărea Veche - Magearu Channel - Letea
duration:  7 - 8 hrs
accomodation: guesthouses, Letea village
points of interest: along the Old Danube and Magearu channels, among weeping willows, egrets, water lillies, pelicans, herons, extensive reedbeds, untill one of the best preserved old believers villages - hospitality and traditional food and singing  in a cool, thached-roof house.

Day 2: Letea Forest (trekking) 
visiting oak sand-dune forest, experiencing local culture and finding out about the local feral horses.

Day 3: Letea - Cardon - Cardon Channel - Musura Gulf - Sulina
duration: 5 hrs
points of interest: along the Cardon channel untill the Musura gulf - a wide lagoon separated from the sea by a thin sandbar - through the ocean of lilies streching beyond the horizon. The only witnesses: egrrets, herons, terns and pelicans. Evening in Sulina, walking through the faded glory of the port of Sulina, seat of the first European Danube Commission (1856).

difficulty: medium