Crişan and the surroundings

Located in the heart of the Danube Delta, stretching for 8 km along both sides of the Sulina channel, Crişan village was founded in the late 19th century during major works on the river, carried out by the European Commission of the Danube.

Surrounded by reedbeds, overflown by spiralling flocks of pelicans, inhabited by Romanians, ethnic Ukrainian, and Russian Old Believers, Crişan is one of the ideal places for exploring and understanding the Danube Delta. Welcoming houses, many of them still preserving the Ukrainian and Lipovan architectural style, traditional food based on fish, the cool of the evening breeze carrying along local legends and music - will be the perfect setting for those interested in exploring the the rich natural and cultural heritage.

Access from Tulcea is possible by classic (3 hours) or fast (1 hour) ferry, or by – more expensive – small charter boats.